3 Stylish Looks for the New Year with Motif Jewelry

Happy Sunday! Today I’m showing you three looks that are perfect to take into this New Year with you that add some flair and outside of the box style to elevate your looks this year! I know we’re almost in February, but it’s never too late to mix up your wardrobe! I’m using four beautiful pieces of jewelry from Motif in each of these looks! They go so perfectly with each look and totally bring a little something special!
Motif is so unique in that they are always working with influencers to create new collections! As an influencer, I LOVE this idea. I think that influencers are the new age of fashion inspiration. New influencers means new collections, which means new fabulous and UNQIUE pieces are always hitting the website. I’m such a fan of limited edition pieces, this totally excites me because it’s such a cool feeling to own something that feels unique and ‘one of a kind’. I personally love visiting a site that has new eye-popping items on a regular basis.
Each of these pieces are handcrafted and of some of the best quality that you can possibly buy. The best part is, they are extremely affordable! The jewelry looks and feels like it is 10x more expensive!
Here are the pieces that you’ll find me wearing with each of my three looks:
MOTIF Jewelry:

First Look: Brunch with the girls/ out and about/ running errands: ‘Casual but chic weekend look’

This is such relatable look for all of us! I’m wearing a simple black high-neck bodysuit, paired with some fun embroidered jeans and slides. I love how casual and comfortable this is (hence perfect for brunch and running around the city all day!) yet, has such an edge to it! I’ve added my ‘Loyalty to you Ring’ and my ‘Together forever ring’ as well as my knot bracelet to this look, all in gold. Seriously how cool are these rings?! I’ve gotten so many compliments on them! They’re so delicate yet have a fun flair to them that I think perfectly compliments this look.

Date night/ Girls Night out ‘Edgy Date Night Look’

This is probably my favorite look! Again, I stuck with the edgy flair! I know we can all relate to a girls night out on the town, or a date night out with our S/O, so I figured another great look would be to show you a fun take on your typical night time look. I’m wearing a checkered and frayed oversized dress, tights and some boots. I paired all 4 of my Motif jewels with this look. Of course, these rings are absolutely fabulous and compliment the edginess of the dress with the fringe and the boots.

At the Office/ ‘Modern twist on Workwear’

This is probably the most relatable look that I’ve added. I figured most of us woman can relate to the struggle of trying to incorporate our personal style into our sometimes not so flattering office attire. If you’re like me, and you’ve been in the 9-5 corporate world, you may find yourself wearing tons of button ups, dresses and black (I do love black though!). I wanted to create an interesting twist that’s both modern and a little retro! I’m wearing an orange jumpsuit with culottes, a cold shoulder cut out bodysuit and of course, all of my Motif jewels! I personally love the way the necklace adds some elegance to this look. I think it falls so nicely with the turtle neck top! I also am loving the way the gold jewelry looks against the orange jumpsuit. Again, I literally cannot get enough of these rings! They’re so versatile, you can really incorporate them into any of your looks as I’ve done!

12 thoughts on “3 Stylish Looks for the New Year with Motif Jewelry

  1. I absolutely adore that you showed the jewelry with all different outfits. That takes a lot of work to do and I appreciate that. I want to check them out and by a cute dainty piece like you have! You’re amazing!



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