Introducing you to Ego Soleil: A Contemporary Women’s Clothing Brand

Happy Friday! Today I’m talking about some exciting news- the launch of Ego Soleil online website! This is huge! I have some insider tips for you to make sure that you can get your hands on one of their pieces as soon as the site launches. Stay tuned for more information on that below!
A little background about the company: Ego Soleil is a contemporary clothing company who strives to design fashionable clothing at an affordable price point. You can really feel the vibrant energy of New York City in every single piece. All clothing is all designed and manufactured right here in New York City! Ego Soleil woman is a motivated woman who represents boldness and confidence. You can expect bright bold colors, unexpected accents, edginess, but most of all comfort in their clothing that can be taken from day to night! I think we can all agree how important this is! Especially as a NYC woman always on the go, you never know how long you will be in the same clothes. I know myself, I always want that perfect outfit that can take me from activity to activity without having to change during the day.
Be sure to sign up on the website to be notified as soon as the website launches, which will be January 22nd! 

You can sign up by clicking: HERE

Be sure to be quick! These items are premium and limited, only 30 pieces of each item will be produced. Once that item is sold out, it will not be restocked.
I love the idea of owning a novelty piece that not every else will have access to! It’s an exciting feeling to own something that feels ‘one of a kind’! I think that’s one of my favorite parts about Ego Soleil ! The coolest part about this, is that you can expect new releases every single month that will be bold, fresh and unique. I am personally keeping my eyes out for the ‘Hope Drape Dress and the ‘Jenner Jumpsuit’. CEO, Del Addison mentioned in a recent interview that these were some favorites- so be sure to grab these ones!
Ego Soleil has partnered up with Style Saves. Style saves in a non-profit organization founded by Rachael Russell. The mission of Style Saves is to unite fashion and philanthropy. Style Saves funds fashion-focused events to raise money for underprivleged students with necessary items.
Sneak peaks of what you can expect! 
I’m personally loving these bold colors and fun silhouettes. How cute is this skirt with the
cut out? Remember to follow @egosoleil on instagram and sign up for updates: click HERE

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